At Brooks, running is all we do. Why? Because...

The run is a giver.

It’s like the greatest relationship ever.

And all it asks in return is a little sweat.

It imparts clarity. Me-time. Gob-smacked euphoria. Smoking glutes. A longer life span. Everything.

And no matter where you start, you end up in a happier place when you finish.

Problems THIS BIG, turn this big.

So even though we are a running company and all, the most important thing we make isn’t a shoe. The most important thing we make is your run.

Granted, we may be biased but our advice is simple:

Live the way you run. Run happy.

Taking a run break for coffee
A smiling runner mid-race

“I am an optimist. Running has allowed me to do things, to accomplish what I never thought possible. Believe me when I say we are all capable of far more than we may believe.”

The Run Community @262tobq

“✨Everything Is Amazing✨ Speed workout dedicated to that kind and patient man in a wheel chair who reminded me I get to run when some people wish they could walk.”

instagram @thecookierunner

Run break with Brooks Cascadias and a puppy
Brooks employees out for a Friday Run
Runners showing off their Run Happy socks

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Cas Loxsom tearing it up on the track