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Man runnning

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Press highlights

Yahoo! Money.

Brooks Running CEO: 'We are in a running renaissance'

March 2022
Two runners on the side of a building

How an e-commerce mess prepared Brooks for its pandemic boom

March 2022
Corporate headshot of Brooks CEO Jim Weber
Runner's World

Josh Kerr European Record | Mental Techniques For Racing

March 2022
John Kerr running on an indoor track
Women's Running

Pro Runner Nia Akins Releases Her First Single, Smoke

January 2022
Nia Akins running

Giving Back and the 'Juggling Act' of Fatherhood: 'I Just Do My Best Each Day'

December 2021
Macklemore and child with holiday hats

Running shoes: I'm in love with the out-of-this-world design of the new Brooks Aurora-BL

November 2021
Brooks Aurora BL

There’s a New Way to Choose the Right Running Shoe

January 2021
Close up of shoes by Irina Ozhigova/Stocksy

Press releases

April 26, 2022

Brooks embarks on new chapter as running industry grows

February 22, 2022

Brooks Surpasses $1 Billion in Revenue – Crossing the 2021 Finish Line with Record Growth

November 8, 2021

Brooks Continues Running at Record Pace through Q3 with Year-to-Date Revenue Up 44 Percent

June 29, 2021

Brooks Running Announces A Science-Backed Plan to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions By 2040

February 04, 2021

Brooks Running closes out 2020 with a PR, hitting nearly $850 million in global revenue

November 18, 2020

Brooks Running gains new runners with 49% global growth in Q3

October 6, 2020

New running industry diversity coalition takes on systemic racism in the business of running