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Miles away from your average workplace.

Running is more than just a hobby—it’s our passion. We eat, breathe and stretch for the run. And we find running brings us closer together as a group than any team-building exercise could. On the road of life, it’s always better to travel in packs.

Where you can find us between runs

Brooks global headquarters is located in the heart of Seattle, right along the Burke-Gilman running and biking trail next to Lake Union. If you ever visit us, poke your head into the Brooks Trailhead, our one and only flagship retail store. We're proud to have a LEED certification and a history of surpassing our target energy and water goals. Even our building inspires happy running and green living.

We’re a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the top ten largest public companies in the world.

3400 Stone Way North

Seattle, WA 98103

We do some serious globe-trotting

Our second home is Olympisch Stadion (yes, we know Dutch) in Amsterdam, home of the 1928 Summer Olympics. Its location is key, because our gear is enjoyed by runners in over 50 countries worldwide. So wherever you are when you need running gear, accept no substitutes.

Olympisch Stadion 33

1076 DE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Get to know us even better