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Don’t wait to order the perfect gift

The clock is ticking. Order your Brooks eGift Card now to receive it by December 25.

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By purchasing a Brooks eGift Card, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

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How to redeem eGift Card


Fill your Brooks Running cart and check out when you're ready.

Apply an eGift Card

In the payment section, select "Redeem gift certificate or eGift Card." Enter your gift code number and PIN number then click "Apply."

Submit order

Do a pre-run stretch while your order's on the way.

eGift Card FAQ's

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  • How will the recipient of the eGift card receive it?
  • The lucky recipient of the eGift Card will get the information via email after the order’s submitted.
  • How long will it take for the recipient to get the eGift card?
  • Most eGift Card orders will process within one hour but may take up to two business days depending on your credit card company.
  • Can I order in bulk with an eGift card?
  • Yes!

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  • Can I buy eGift cards with my eGift card?
  • No, you can only buy Brooks Running products with your eGift card.
  • How many eGift cards can I use at once?
  • You can use a maximum of two eGift Cards per order.
  • What if I lose my eGift card information?
  • Brooks isn’t responsible for the funds if they’re lost or stolen. If this happens, please contact our customer support team.


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  • What happens when I want to return an item I purchased on an eGift card?
  • You can still get a refund on something purchase with an eGift Card. We’ll refund your credit card or PayPal first and then send you a new eGift Card via email for the remaining balance. Please follow the normal return process
  • Where can Brooks eGift cards be used?
  • Brooks eGift Cards can only be redeemed for US orders on They are not redeemable at any retail locations.

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