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People jumping with eagles and flags and fireworks in the background

Stars, stripes, and strides.

The Run USA collection is back and available in the lightweight Launch 8 and the supportive GTS 21. We also have new star-spangled apparel too. So grab your sparklers and get the America-inspired head to toe summer look.

Run USA Launch 8

The Run USA collection features the lightweight Launch 8 with America-inspired designs that will red, white, and blow your mind.

Top down view of the Run USA launch 8
Back of the Launch 8, highlighting the USA on the back

Run USA Adrenaline GTS 21

The new America-lovin’ collection also features the supportive Adrenaline GTS 21 with a starry design that’ll make all of your friends jealous at the summer cookout.

Adrenaline from the profile view.
The back of the adrenaline shoe

Complete your star-spangled look with head-to-toe Run USA apparel.

Run USA T-shirts and tank top.

Don’t see your size, or want to check out the collection in person? Check out the Run USA collection at a store near you

Launch 8 right shoe with illustrated stars

Stars, stripes, and strides

Stay tuned for upcoming special edition releases.

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Illustraed shoes lifting off and shooting stars