Support running shoes

Does your weight shift to the outside of your foot while running? We’ve got you covered. Check out running shoes that were designed with underpronation in mind.

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22 running shoes

22 running shoes

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  • Want to make sure you bring home the perfect shoe?

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Support running shoes

Don't worry. These are not your grandma's support shoes. Supportive running shoes are simply sneakers with built-in technology to help reduce excessive movement or cut down on the effect of impacts as your feet strike the pavement repeatedly during a jog or run.

What are stability running shoes?

They're any type of shoe that offers added stability when you run. Some Brooks shoe models achieve this with the GuideRails® support system, which reduces excess movement that might cause your foot to slip from side to side or over or under pronate. The Adrenaline GTS 22 includes this feature, making it an ideal choice for both men's and women's support running shoes.

Another option for men's support running shoes is the Launch GTS 9, and you can find plenty of other men's and women's stability running shoes in this selection.

Remember that it's not all about support, though. You also want shoes that are comfortable, so check out the sizing charts and look for options with the right level of cushion for your needs and running goals. And if you need even more stability than a shoe can offer, opt for models that come in wide widths so you have room for orthotics or arch supports. Supportive running shoes should be flexible and meet all your needs, so look for what works for you.