Men’s treadmill & gym running gear

Perfect for days when you don't venture outside, this gear is ideal for indoor or treadmill workouts.

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29 running shoes

29 running shoes

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Men's Treadmill & Gym Shoes

If you move to the treadmill on poor weather days or like to hit the gym a couple of times a week to work on speed or endurance, your normal track or road running shoes may not be the best choice. Men's treadmill running shoes should provide enough grip to keep you on the equipment without tearing it up, and you may want extra cushioning for long-term comfort as you spend time finding your gait or working out running HIITs.

The best men's treadmill shoes support flexible use

At the same time, you don't want a pair of running shoes you can only wear on the treadmill, so look for options that will hold up on the gym track or outdoor pavement too.

If you're looking for a slower pace on the treadmill, men's walking shoes like the Addiction Walker 2 might be ideal, and road running shoes with a soft outsole, such as the Glycerin 20, are also top contenders.

Other men's treadmill running shoes to consider include the Launch 9, and Levitate 6. Both of these have decent grip without including spikes or other elements on the sole that could damage your treadmill or leave marks on the equipment at the gym.