Pronation running shoes

Did you know that most runners pronate to some degree? The shoes below help support your arch and natural stride.

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33 running shoes

33 running shoes

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Pronation running shoes

Pronation refers to the natural movement of your foot. Most people pronate to some degree, which means their ankles and arches move to one side or the other as they run. It can also cause the arch to take the brunt force of the foot strike. Pronation shoes are simply running shoes that help support the natural movement of your foot while reducing unnecessary movement that might impact the performance or safety of your run.

What to look for in the best running shoes for pronation

When it comes down to the best running shoes, it's really about the best running shoes for you. So, you should always look for shoes that fit your needs and make you comfortable when you run.

Pronation running shoes often don't have any stability system, and they may include extra cushioning to support your arch in bearing the burden of a run. Options such as the Launch 9 and Ghost 15 work well. But you can also choose pronation shoes that do offer support, such as the Adrenaline GTS 22, which comes with the GuideRails® support system to keep unwanted movement in check as you get up to speed.

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