Men's track & cross country shoes

When seconds matter, men’s track spikes for sprints, middle distance and cross country make all the difference.

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13 running shoes

13 running shoes

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  • Want to make sure you bring home the perfect shoe?

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Mens track spikes

When the race whistle blows, time starts counting in microseconds, especially for sprinters. The right men's track spikes can help support stability and traction that lets you shave enough time off your run to be the ribbon-breaker at the end. But even if you're not a competitive racer, you might want to consider investing in track running shoes for men or other specialty trainers.

A time and place for men's track shoes

Men's track shoes with spikes are meant for use on certain types of tracks. Wear these when you're running at the local high school or college track to ensure stability on wet or dry ground. Options such as the Wire v6 or QW-K v4 include spikes on the front outsole to help you dig in and breakaway from the starting line. They also support your form and provide traction as you take curves or change lanes on a track.

Men's distance track spikes

Whether you're a cross country runner or are planning to run a 5k in a local park, you might want spiked or spikeless field shoes. Men's cross country spikes, such as those on the Mach 19, dig into grass and dirt to support optimal grip over varied terrain. The Mach 19 spikeless shoes do the same while being appropriate for other surfaces.

Whether you're looking for men's sprint spikes or cross country shoes, you can find them in this collection.