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Our goal for personalized running shoes is to help you have the best run possible. To deliver shoes that are built just for you, we’re gathering the smartest brains in the business to implement our Run Signature philosophy into hardware and software that captures the data needed to create shoes based on your body’s exact dimensions and biomechanics.

Built by runners, for runners, the Genesys is the first shoe that will deliver a truly personalized experience. Our Brooks research team is partnering with a small group of hand-selected runners to beta test our personalized footwear program. Based on their feedback and what we learn in the process, we plan to introduce the Genesys to the whole world as soon as possible.

Run Signature

The idea of creating truly personalized running shoes stems from our Run Signature philosophy. We believe that the key to comfort and performance isn’t fixing your stride—as if there was a wrong way to run—it’s working with your body’s preferred motion path. In keeping with that belief, personalized footwear will be fine-tuned to each individual for the best possible running experience.

Our History

At Brooks we have a long history of producing innovative technology to help runners feel fast, comfortable and stable—even as far back as our founding in 1914. Over the years, we've developed philosophies and technologies that put the runner first. Everything we do is to help you go farther and faster—all while being more comfortable.