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The new Glycerin 19

Let your mind run free

Our softest shoe yet: in neutral and support

The new Glycerin 19, packed with DNA LOFT cushioning throughout the full-length of the midsole, delivers a softer experience from heel to toe than ever before. And, it also comes with the option of GuideRails® technology for whole-body support.

Illustrated Brooks Glycerin 19 and Glycerin GTS 19 shoes with a yellow arrow pointing to the yellow highlighted GuideRails support in the GTS 19.

The Glycerin 19 now delivers the option of GTS: Go-To Support

Get the support you need to run comfortably in the Glycerin GTS 19 with GuideRails technology. Located in the midsole, and engineered with your knees in mind, GuideRails technology helps you move comfortably by keeping excess movement in check.

DNA LOFT cushioning for ultimate softness

Illustrated cloud
Super soft comfort

The right balance of foam, air and rubber deliver a soft comfortable run.

Illustrated feather

Extra air in the midsole means the cushioning won’t weigh you down.

Illustrated arrows

Added rubber increases durability, so you’ll feel the same softness every time you lace up.

Introducing the Runfulness Project

Let the super-soft cushion of the Glycerin 19 and Glycerin GTS 19 take your mind to places your feet can’t go – an effect called Runfulness. In this state you find the power to change a day, a life, the world.

An illustrated world with the text "The Runfulness Project" in front of it, surrounded by clouds, sparkles and arrow graphics.

Ready to achieve Runfulness?
Shop the Glycerin 19

Available in neutral and support, the Glycerin 19 and the Glycerin GTS 19 made with GuideRails support will help you reach your happy place and stay there awhile.

A close-up shot of a woman running outdoors in a pair of black Brooks Glycerin 19 shoes.

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