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Running Tips

Winter running motivation

A whimsical illustration of a bigfoot wearing Brooks shoes and a headband running through the forest.
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As the days get shorter, colder, and busier, it’s easy to lose the drive to run. Stay focused on your training with some of our favorite pieces of winter workout wisdom.

Holiday hustle or holiday halt?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular runner or new to the sport — your workout routine can easily fall apart during the most festive season. With holiday obligations pulling you in every which way, being present for yourself is no easy feat. If you choose to press pause on training during the winter, whether you’re cold averse or just need a break, that’s OK. The run (and we) will be there for you when you’re ready. If you want to press on with your training during the holiday season, we have your back, too.

An illustration of two festive Christmas trees and an ornament, all with legs, running through the forest.

Season’s strategy

We made a list of tips to help you stay motivated this winter. We even checked it twice. Use these tips to help keep you on track, trail, or road this holiday season.

Take it easy

If you’re not training for a race, consider stripping down your routine to more simple runs. Maintaining a base fitness level is easier than working to crack a PR or hitting a mile count.

Find a buddy

Buddy the Elf probably has the energy to keep pace with you, but that’s not quite what we meant. One of the best ways to push yourself is to enlist a friend or family member to run with you. It can be difficult to stay motivated when running solo, especially if you’re dealing with colder weather. Be sure to take the necessary COVID 19 precautions — run outdoors, give your running pal six feet of space, and wear a buff or mask.

An illustration of two elves wearing pointy holiday Brooks Running shoes running together.

Be flexible

We recommend activities like yoga for cross training — a limber body can make you a better runner. So does a flexible schedule. Travel, extra family time, and safe holiday events can muck up your running schedule, so it’s important to be adaptable. If your schedule is all over the place, be prepared to change the length, intensity, and frequency of your runs.

Make it fun

Embrace the holiday season. A fun holiday race can help you stay on track with training. Although many are virtual, running a race can bring you a sense of community. Lay on some extra holiday cheer by decorating your shoes with lights and bells or go all out and find a fun costume to wear during your race.

Illustration of a large pink present with a red bow with a pair of Brooks Running shoes in the foreground.

Who doesn’t like presents?

If you’re making a point of training this holiday season, be sure to treat yourself to some new gear. Get some layered apparel so you can stay nice and toasty. Just remember not to overdo it — heavy clothes will slow you down and tire you out.

If new gear is what keeps you motivated to run this holiday season, look no further than our Shoe Finder and Bra Finder.