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Runner stories

Who Is a Runner?

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Follow along as we partner with Camp4 Collective and directors Faith Briggs and Tim Kemple to amplify amazing, untold stories.

Space for more stories. Space for all runners.

At Brooks, we believe that running is a gift and can be a limitless source of positive energy. But this isn’t always the case for everyone.

To raise awareness about groups and individuals redefining what running looks and feels like, Brooks has partnered with Camp4 Collective to produce a video series called “Who Is a Runner.” The series will explore the stories of unique groups and individuals who use running as an outlet to educate others and build community.

Two runners with a dog

Creative producer Faith Briggs, who is co-owner of Camp4 Collective, co-directs all episodes of “Who Is a Runner” with Tim Kemple. Her passion for sharing contemporary stories from diverse communities makes her an excellent choice to help celebrate the experiences of these runners. Briggs notes artists have a responsibility to provoke the social conscience of a society. Our hope is the “Who Is a Runner” series becomes a tool for lasting change in the running world.

Over the next several months, we will share each episode of the “Who Is a Runner” series on Instagram. Follow along to learn more about these runners who have overcome barriers to build community and run with purpose.

Episode 1: Prolyfyck Run Crew

To reclaim the streets of Charlottesville from hate, to build community, and to create a sense of belonging, the Prolyfyck Run Crew meets three mornings a week to run through Black Charlottesville. The group has a powerful cheer: “Prolyfyck, so gifted! I’m the type that’s gon’ go get it!”

The loud, strong, and unifying rallying cry is both a salve and message of hope for this community even years after the now infamous white supremacist domestic terror attack in August 2017.

Prolyfyck run crew member chanting in the middle of a circle

The meaning of Prolyfyck’s cheer is clear: the runs are inclusive, everyone is invited to join, and it’s not about being the best — it’s about creating a space where everyone can be great together.

“Prolyfyck is a safe space, yes. I think it also more importantly is a brave space. There's something really powerful to being able to react and to express, and Prolyfyck is a space for that and it centers those who have been marginalized,” said Katherine "Kat" Lawrence in episode one of “Who Is a Runner.”

Watch the powerful story of the Prolyfyck Run Crew:

Want to learn all about this small but mighty grassroots effort? Follow Prolyfyck Run Crew on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

For more about how Brooks champions the run for all, check out Running Responsibly: Our People Strategy.