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Runner stories

Hometown Heroes: Amateur athletes, elite achievements

Karen Bertasso smiling in a blue jacket
Adam Dalton smiling on a sunny day

The Brooks Hometown Heroes are sixty-two amateur runners from all across America. They’re scientists, schoolteachers, and punk musicians, just to name a few. And they balance full-time lives—the office, the kids, a grinding PhD program—with a full-time desire to improve their run. As 2020 approached, they were united by a common goal: To compete at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the marathon event. To help them on their journey to running glory, we gave them access to the fastest shoes we’ve ever made: The Hyperion Elite and Hyperion Tempo. These are some of their stories.

Adam Dalton: Punk-rock environmentalist from Tucson, Arizona

Adam Dalton on a run in a Brooks tank
Adam Dalton standing outside smiling

Karen Bertasso: Globe-trotting medical professional from Albany, New York

Karen Bertasso on a run outside
Karen Bertasso smiling in a blue jacket
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