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Warm weather gear for the Snowbird Runner

A runner wearing a read long sleeve half zip and shorts runs on a road with mountains in the background.
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Snow, freezing rain, and cold temperatures? Bah humbug, they say!

Fair weather runner

So what is a snowbird, anyway? The word describes a person who lives in colder climates and travels to a warm weather spot for the winter. Tan lines are their jam and vitamin D is their favorite nutrient.

A man and a woman wearing shorts and light, warm weather shirts run happy over a bridge.
A man and woman pose in running shorts and light, warm weather shirts.

Gifts for the Snowbird Runner

Since these runners prefer to get out in fair weather, they typically prefer gear like quick-drying tees, versatile shorts, and more.

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A man and woman in conversation stretch and prepare for a run.

Here are some additional gift ideas for runners who fit the Snowbird Runner persona:

  • Women’s Distance Short Sleeve
  • Women’s Greenlight Capri
  • Men’s Sherpa 7” 2-in-1 Short
  • Men’s Distance Graphic Short Sleeve

Looking for more? Check out our lightweight looks and gear for running in the heat.

Warm weather running tips

Setting that PR is a thrill no matter the weather, but be extra cautious if you’re running in the heat. Here are some safety tips for snowbirds who prefer to run in the sun.

Stay hydrated

More heat means more sweating. Running in extremely hot climates makes you sweat more, which puts you at higher risk for dehydration. It’s crucial to replace those fluids by hydrating well. Drink up before, during, and after your run.

Run in the shade

Direct sunlight can zap your body of energy and do some serious damage to your skin if you’re not careful. Hayley Banister, Nashville Guru, suggests avoiding direct sunlight when possible. “I’m a huge fan of hot weather running here in Tennessee, but I try to sneak away to some shady trails to keep me a little bit cooler on the run.”

A man and woman run on a mountainous trail in sunny weather.

Wear sunscreen

The sun’s rays can still reach you even if you’ve got shade overhead. Look for a good sweatproof lotion with a high SPF and lather up.

Listen to your body

If your body is overheating or you are getting thirsty, it’s OK to slow down and take a break if you need it. Be smart and don’t overdo it.

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