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Gear and Technology

Gifts for the Wanderlust Adventurer

Two people stretching

Does cold weather inspire a hearty “Nope!" from you or your loved ones? This gear is for you.

Pack your bags. Adventure awaits.

If snowy weather and cold temperatures in the forecast have you planning a travel itinerary during the holiday season, you may be a Wanderlust Adventurer. These runners rock tan lines, prefer sunscreen in their holiday stockings, and cherish the vitamin D from all their warm-weather travels.

They typically fill their Instagram feeds with pics from warmer U.S. destinations like California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida. For those with the international travel bug, runners seek out sunshine in places like the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, and Africa.

Since Wanderlust Adventurers prefer to get out in fair weather, they typically look for gear that is easily packable, quick-drying, and versatile.

Woman seen from behind wearing Brooks pink running bra and shorts
Smiling man seen from side wearing light blue Brooks running shirt

Get the gear

Check out these picks for the cold-averse runner in your life:

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travel luggage with running gear

Looking for more? Our lightweight looks and gear for running in the heat are fantastic options for those who say “bah, humbug” to winter weather.

Run happy this holiday season.