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Runner stories

Grounded in design

A Brooks bra designer shares her artistic roots, creative process, and advice for anyone looking to get into the industry.

Gear and Technology

The science behind our Run Visible Collection

It was a dark and stormy night. "Guess I can't run," said no runner ever. For those times when you just gotta hit the road, our updated Fall 21 Run Visible Collection has what you need.

7 min. read


Training for a 5K? Crush it with this 8-week training plan

The 5K is a perfect introduction to the world of endurance running races.

4 min. read

Running Tips

Are you ready to race?

Brooks Beast Nia Akins offers tips to help you to the finish line.

7 min. read

Runner stories

Who Is a Runner?

Follow along as we partner with Camp4 Collective and director Faith Briggs to amplify amazing, untold stories.

4 min. read


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