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Josh Kerr

International record setter. Olympic medalist. Josh ended his lightning-fast 2021 season with an Olympic bronze medal in hand, and he's not stopping there.

Close up photo of Josh Kerr running in yellow Brooks shirt

Does having a Scottish accent make you faster?

It’s working for Josh Kerr. Since signing with the Beasts in 2018, Josh has run the fastest 1500m ever recorded on US soil in 3:31.55, claimed the British Championship 1500m title, and medaled in his Olympic debut, claiming a bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics men’s 1500m with a blistering 3:29.05.

Off the track

Josh works with the Brooks Booster Club helps young runners find their stride.

“My favorite memory from Tokyo was coming down the home-stretch of the 1500m final. I ran the best race of my life on the biggest stage, in the fastest Olympic 1500m to date, and I accomplished exactly what I said I would do, which was to run in the Olympic final for a medal.”

Josh Kerr standing with medal around his neck

Lightning Round

How did you start running?

I started at summer camp. I did as many sports as I could. Then other sports just kept dropping off and I was left with just running.

Which athletes or influential people do you look up to?

My brother, who is a professional rugby player. He has had so many injury problems that he never takes any game time for granted, it reminds me to do the same.

What’s your best Turkey Trot story?

I’m British. I have no clue what a Turkey Trot is...

In his own words

Take a look inside Josh's life as a pro runner. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of running footage.

Josh Kerr on racetrack

Josh's go-to gear

Bring the heat to any run with a few of Josh's favorite pieces.