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 Brooks pro runner Josh Kerr warms up with his teammates before a workout in Seattle.

Brooks Beasts Track Club

Josh Kerr

Splitting his time between tearing up the European circuit and training in the US, Josh signed with the Beasts after a strong career at the University of New Mexico where he won three NCAA Championships and set the NCAA 1,500m record. In his first full season as a pro he set the Scottish Indoor 1,500m record and the U23 British 1,500m record.

Lightning round

  • My brother, who is a professional rugby player. He has had so many injury problems that he never takes any game time for granted, so reminds me to do the same.

  • I started in a summer camp. I did as many sports as I could. Then other sports just kept dropping off and I was left with just running.

  • I’m British. I have no clue what a Turkey Trot is...


“Success breeds success. If you surround yourself with successful people, everyone feeds off the positive energy and brings it into their own life.”

In his own words

Take a look inside Josh’s life as a pro runner. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of running footage.

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