Brooks Programs

At Brooks, going the extra mile is just part of the race. It's why we have our toes in all sorts of projects to spread the Run Happy love and say thanks for loving us back. Scroll to check them out.

Inspiring Coaches

They’re the unsung heroes behind every runner’s PR. We’re on the lookout for exceptional, sensational, absolutely excellent coaches who go above and beyond (and then beyond that) for their teams.


Porta Potty

Bid the aroma adieu and lose the long lines. We’re treating you to a deluxe restroom experience complete with complimentary snacks, climate control and a toilet that actually flushes.

Potty like a rock star

Beta runners

Bonkers for Brooks? Want to help make our gear even greater? Become a Wear Tester or, if you can keep up, a Lab Rat at our Biomechanics Lab.

See if you qualify