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Gabe Grunewald with the limited edition shoes

The Brave Like Gabe Collection

Let your run be a light

Channel the strength of running icon, Gabe Grunewald, in the Brave Like Gabe Collection. In support of rare cancer research, Brooks is donating $100,000 to support the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on behalf of the Brave Like Gabe® Foundation.

The Brave Like Gabe Launch 8. Designed in partnership with Gabe’s loved ones.

Shining through storms

The shoe features a bright light breaking through storm clouds. An ode to Gabe’s endless optimism.

Forever Running on Hope

“Running on Hope®,” Gabe’s iconic motto is featured on the sock liner as a reminder of her legacy.

“Not today!”

A quote that encapsulates Gabe’s strength stamped right on the heel.

Brave like Gabe collection shirt, tank, shoes, and hat.

More Brave Like Gabe gear

The collection also includes a limited-edition Distance Graphic T-Shirt, Tank, and Tempo Hat. Like the shoes, the apparel was designed in partnership with members of the Brave Like Gabe® Foundation.

Pledge cards that say "Today I ran blank miles for Gabe."

Run for Gabe

Honor Gabe’s memory with the thing she loved most: a run. Download a card, fill out the miles you’re pledging, and share it with the world using #BraveLikeGabe.

Gabe standing with a cityscape behind her
Brave with an arrow through the word