Two people in Brooks gear jumping and smiling

Celebrate, share, and win

Welcome to Brooks Best Fest

Join us for six weeks of fun running challenges. Work on your new PR and be entered for a chance to win the all-new Limited Edition Brooks Ghost 12.

Brooks Ghost 12 sitting on animated pillows and the words 'Ahhhh!'


The Ghost 12 running shoe

Run farther with more feel-good factor. DNA LOFT midsole technology reduces impact without sacrificing durability. The Ghost 12 makes even the hardest run feel soft.

A picture of a aqua Ghost 12 from above as it is dropped into aqua colored paint; the paint and shoe are the same color and the paint is splashing around the shoe.

Make a splash

Forget about paint by numbers. The Ghost 12 Splash Collection is all about coloring outside the lines.

The Revel 3 Shine

Three women's limited-edition Revel 3 colors leaning against a pastel, patterned wall; each shoe has a pastel, metallic sole

The Revel 3 Breakthrough

A close up picture of a person tying their limited-edition Revel 3s; the shoe is white and black with a black sole
Animated picture of a map with "all the cute dogs", "last bathroom stop", and "beat my PR" written on it
Animated Brooks shoe under a magnifying glass