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Shoe Experience Guide

When you’re looking for running shoes, the options can seem overwhelming. At Brooks, our shoes are divided into three categories that offer three different experiences. Those categories are Cushion, Energize, and Speed.

Not sure which category is right for you? Take our Shoe Finder quiz


Soft and protective to cushion your every step.
Most Cushion
Neutral Shoes Support Shoes
Glycerin Glycerin GTS
More Cushion
Ghost Adrenaline

Responsive and springy to add extra lift to your stride
Most Energy Return
Neutral Shoes Support Shoes
Levitate Bedlam
More Energy Return
Energy Return

Fast and streamlined to propel you through your run.
Most Speed
Neutral Shoes Support Shoes
Hyperion Elite
More Speed
Hyperion Tempo
Launch Launch GTS

You may be a neutral runner if:

  • The wear pattern in your shoes is consistent indicating you distribute your weight evenly with each step.
  • Your feet and knees align as you run, tracking straight ahead.
  • Your knees stay parallel when you do a simple squat.

You may be a support runner if:

  • There is excessive wear on the inside edge of your shoes, indicating lateral movement in your stride
  • Your feet and knees don't track perfectly straight as you run.
  • Your knees rotate inward when you do a simple squat.