Hot weather running gear

Don’t sweat the sweaty days. Check out our top picks for running in hot weather, including DriLayer fabric technology to keep you cool and dry.

54 products

54 products

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Running in the heat

Summer running is sweaty business no matter who you are. But hot weather running gear can help you enjoy a workout on warm days. From sweat-wicking fabrics to lightweight designs that support airflow, check out some ideal athletic wear for running in hot weather.

Best running shirts for hot weather

The best cooling shirts for hot weather are made with fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly to keep moisture from building up against your body. You'll find a wide range of sweat-wicking tees and tanks in the Brooks collection, including the Distance tank—which you can get with or without graphics.

What works best for you depends on personal preference. If you're worried about chafing and move your arms a lot while you run, for example, you might want to opt for something like the Distance short sleeve running shirt.

Best running shorts for hot weather

The rules for shorts are similar. Choose summer running clothes that are loose enough to allow airflow but not so floppy that they rub or catch on sweaty skin. For a bit of room while you run, consider options such as the women's Chaser 7" shorts or the men's Sherpa 7" shorts.

Best summer running gear

Round out your summer running gear with hats or visors to protect your face and eyes from the sun, sports bras for women to keep things in place and lightweight running shoes that support you without adding heavy bulk.