The Runfulness

A good run can unlock new ideas – we call this “Runfulness” and we’re on a mission to explore its power. Share your experience with Runfulness for a chance to receive funds to turn your ideas into reality through the Run Fund.

The power of Runfulness

Forget your feet and free your mind

We like to think of Runfulness as mindfulness unlocked by running. It’s the effect of a run that is so good, so freeing, it allows you to forget your feet altogether – taking your mind to places your feet can’t go. It’s in this state where you find the power to change a day, a life, the world.

Discover one runner’s Runfulness journey below.

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Runfulness in Action

"I feel like all my ideas come from running. I dig into my thoughts and that's when they come into light and color. When I run, that's when I have clarity. That's my Runfulness."

- Andres Quiroz

Introducing the Run Fund

What is the Run Fund?

As part of our ongoing journey to share and tap into the power of Runfulness, we want to hear how Runfulness has inspired you. Share how Runfulness has led you to an idea that changes a day, a life, or even the world. In return, we may donate funds and resources to help fuel your idea further.

One runner will receive


Four runners will receive


Experience Runfulness for yourself

The Glycerin 19 is our softest shoe yet.

Packed with cushioning, the Glycerin 19 helps you forget your feet and free your mind so you can reach a state of Runfulness.

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