The 2019 winner, Tim Severa, smiling at the camera in front of a track; the sun is out and his shirt reads Borah Track.

Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program

Coaches do more than shape our runs — they shape our lives. The Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program is all about recognizing the coaches who help young athletes through their journeys.

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Header : Tim Severa
Body : Our 2019 winner coaches at Borah High School in Boise, ID and at the YMCA running club “Team Idaho,” a group he founded in 1979. Over the years, Coach Severa has become the center of his running community, working with youth at every level, organizing races, and helping Boise’s refugee population find stability and belonging. He has invited students from countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya to be part of his team and to find success on and off the track.
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See our 2019 winner in action Learn more about Coach Tim Severa
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Title : See our 2019 winner in action
Subtitle : Learn more about Coach Tim Severa
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"Tim is a father figure to many of the refugee kids. Sometimes they come here with nothing. And it doesn’t matter their ability—he puts the same effort into every kid."

– Rick Bergeson, former student athlete
Tim Severa talking to a student athlete; they are standing together on a track and the student's uniform reads 'Borah'.
Tim Severa in a gym, celebrating as he crosses a finish line that reads 'Brooks'; there are students around him cheering

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Header : Brooks Booster Club: Giving runners a leg up
Body : The Brooks Booster Club is a needs-based program that provides performance running footwear, apparel, and funding to under-resourced cross country and track teams.


  • Nominations are rolling year to year, so nominate away!

  • No way! We love to hear from parents, other coaches, former athletes, administrators, shop owners, observant passersby—in short, anyone who has been inspired.

  • Yes.

  • We will announce 2020’s winner in Fall 2020.

  • Each winner will receive: - $10,000 in Brooks performance running footwear, apparel and accessories for their team(s) - $2,000 cash for team expenses (paid to athletic departments, booster clubs or LLCs) - Membership to the Brooks Inspire Daily (ID) program for the following year

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