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Brooks Pro Program

The Brooks Pro Program is a celebration of all the professionals in our community spreading our Run Happy message! Qualifying members are automatically enrolled in our email program so that you’re always in the know about the latest and greatest at Brooks. You also get sweet discounts on shoes and apparel!

The energy around this program has grown even bigger than we ever imagined.

We are no longer accepting new applications to the program but we are still honoring it for those already enrolled. If you submitted an application prior to August 10th, 2019, it will be processed and you will be notified if you qualify. Most applications are being processed within a month of receipt.

You can still get involved in all things Brooks via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Signing Up to be the first to hear about new gear, and special news.

If you are an existing member of the Brooks Pro Program, our Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.