Men's road-running shoes

Crush a workout or cruise through your run in men's road-running shoes made to conquer the road.

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32 running shoes

32 running shoes

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  • Want to make sure you bring home the perfect shoe?

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Mens road running shoes

Shoes that are made for the road provide ample cushion and support that make it easy to win your race — whether you're running against your own internal clock or actual competitors. Men's road running shoes are designed to hold up to the rigors of running on hard pavement, and they can also serve you well in the gym or on the treadmill.

Finding the best road running shoes for men
The Brooks philosophy is that there's no one way to run and there's no best that fits every person. You have to find the best for yourself. Luckily, there's an entire line of men's road running shoes to shop, making that job easy.

Start by understanding what you're looking for in a road running shoe. Do you need something that's lightweight and sleek to help you shave down your run time? The Revel 6 or Launch 9 might be just the shoe for you. If you're looking for extra cushion to make long-distance runs more comfortable, consider the Ghost 15 or Anthem 5. Both offer plenty of protection without adding bulk to your run.

Other options to consider include the Trace 2 or the Glycerin GTS 20, which includes built-in stability support to reduce excess movement as you run. Whatever your needs, you'll find options that meet them in this line up of men's road running shoes.