Brooks Product Testing Agreement

  1. By submitting the Brooks Product Testing Application, you have agreed to be a member of the Brooks Sports, Inc. Product Testing Program and to comply with all terms and conditions outlined below. As such, you are associated with an elite group dedicated to producing the finest athletic and sports footwear in the world. A significant part of Brooks’ success may be derived from the information you will be providing as an objective Product Tester. Your selection as a Brooks Sports Product Tester allows a unique opportunity for you to evaluate some of the leading technology in the footwear industry today.

  2. The information you will provide is valuable to Brooks Sports and will be used in the continuing development of Brooks Sports products. Due to the competitive nature of the footwear industry and the confidential nature of the technology you will be evaluating, this information will also be of interest to Brooks Sports competitors. In order to safeguard this information, you agree, in consideration for being a Product Tester, to not disclose to any third party without the prior written consent of Brooks Sports, any information that may be deemed to be confidential or proprietary in nature, including, but not limited to, such information as footwear, materials, or marketing plans. You also agree that any information you learn or provide as a Product Tester is the sole property of Brooks Sports.

  3. You understand, the footwear you will test will remain the sole property of Brooks Sports. You will not loan, sell or give the product to anyone. After testing, or any time during the testing phase, if a Brooks analyst requests the product you will promptly return it. In order to protect amateur athletic eligibility, athletes will return all testing product to Brooks Sports following the conclusion of a test.