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Power of a Great Sports Bra

The women who make Brooks sports bras want you to know one thing: the right sports bra can transform your workout. We're passionate about creating a sports bra for every body type and activity. No matter who you are or what you're doing, every bra should be comfortable from start to finish.

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Behind the Seams The women behind Brooks sports bras.
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Prioritizing comfort and support

The small team of designers, developers, and pattern-makers at Brooks have an incredible amount of knowledge with a combined 30 years in the industry. Season after season they design high-performance bras that are stylish and comfortable for women of all sizes. "We test biomechanics on bra sizes 34B, 34D, and 34E to understand support, but we also want to understand comfort better to help shape where we go in the future," says Laura, senior bra development manager. She's confident that future doesn't include sacrificing comfort for support.

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Our most-loved bra: Juno

One of our team's greatest success stories is the Juno. "It was very different from other bras on the market when it was launched in 2009," says Laura, mentioning the Juno's adjustability, support, and fit. We designed the Juno for women who wanted minimal breast movement without rib-crushing tightness. Runners loved it but told the team that the bra was too difficult to get on and off. To keep runners from needing to twist like pretzels before or after runs, Brooks adjusted the design to include more stretch in the racerback. A small amount of added stretch made a big difference in comfort without compromising Juno's support.

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Connecting with runners

Brooks can make the best sports bras in the world, but if women don't know how they're supposed to fit, we haven't done our job. To bridge the gap, Brooks has employees called Gurus. They connect with runners in their communities and help them find the gear they need. Northwest Guru Christa says emotions emerge when women shop for sports bras. "A lot of my job is making women comfortable. It's a really personal moment to fit somebody in a sports bra," she says, "I've gotten way more hugs fitting women for sports bras than shoes."

Sports Bra Fit and Feeling

Gurus like Christa talk with runners in the real world, away from testing labs and sewing rooms. Her first-hand experience helping women find the right sports bra inspires the Brooks HQ design and engineering team. Sometimes the strongest testimony to the power of great sports bras isn't the data, it's the fierceness of someone's hug after she realizes her days of wearing uncomfortable sports bras are finally over.

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