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Brooks trail running shoes. Just add mud.

Our trail shoes feature just the right cushioning, stability and flexibility for every kind of off-road run.

Roam the frontier of our trail shoes

Title : Roam the frontier of our trail shoes
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Header : The trail starts here. Want to go far, fast? Choose the Catamount.
Body : With nitrogen-infused cushioning, added TrailTack traction and a protective, flexible sole, the Catamount is our fastest long-distance trail shoe.
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Header : New to trail running? Meet the Divide.
Body : Feels similar to our road shoes but with a protective rock plate and sticky traction. Perfect for runners new to the trail scene.
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Header : More cushioning? Try the Caldera 5
Body : Our BioMoGo DNA provides lightweight, responsive cushioning. Plus, the sticky traction helps keep you on your feet.
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Header : Extra stability? Call on the Cascadia 15.
Body : Channel your inner mountain goat to run steady and strong, thanks to our super stable Pivot Post System.
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Trail running tips from Brooks Off-Road Runner Camelia Mayfield

Throw pace out the window

“Trail running takes varying amounts of energy, depending on terrain and grade, making pace goals difficult. Instead, focus on effort and breath rate.”

Find a route with a view

“A good view is a real motivation booster – and it gives you a reason to stop and take it all in.”

Join a running or training group

“It’s a great way to learn new trails, meet people in the community and share insights on races and training.”

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