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How Do I Get Fast – A quiz!

Runner levitating mid-stride
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Find the best speed training ideas and gear for you with this slightly less-than-scientific route to reaching your maximum velocity.


So you wanna go fast huh? But what kind of fast? The type of speed you’re looking for requires dedicated training — and high-performance footwear. Read these questions and mark down your answers. Based on your preferences, we’ll help find the right training and gear for you. 


  • How are you fueling the perfect machine that is your body?

    A) Would you deny Michelangelo his marble slab?
    B) Carbs: I’m a magician that turns pasta into feats of greatness.
    C) I had a pretty big burger like a few hours ago I guess.
  • Which quote encapsulates your undying love of speed?

    A) “America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed. – Eleanor Roosevelt” – Talladega Nights 
    B) “There is more to life simply than increasing its speed.”  – Mahatma Gandhi
    C) “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” –  Mario Andretti     
Runners fist bump
  • Workout time is approaching… fast. How do you prep?

    A) Find the crunchiest, nastiest, hardest playlist known to man.
    B) I plan out my run route, visualizing where I’ll push the pace.
    C) I put on my shoes, which you promised this quiz would help me find.
  • What’s the worst thing that could derail your workout?

    A) This cretin next to me never learned how to re-rack.
    B) Realizing the nearest bathroom is 5 miles away.
    C) Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it
  • If my legs could talk, they would say

    A) “I move more plates than a dishwasher.”    
    B) “Call me Miles Davis. Or Kilometers Davis, if we’re outside the U.S.”
    C) We’re not on speaking terms after what I put them through.     


If you answered mostly A:

  • Coleslaw, pizza cheese, and you all have one thing in common. You’re absolutely shredded.
  • Translate your strength into speed with high intensity workouts in the Hyperion Tempo.
Hyperion Tempo

If you answered mostly B:

  • You’re not afraid to go the distance. What you are afraid of is running a marathon unprepared. Also chafing.
  • Take advantage of your willingness to commit in long threshold workouts in the Hyperion Elite 3.
Hyperion Elite

If you answered mostly C:

  • You’re ready to throw yourself into any challenge. Any time, any distance, in any condition —like the postal service, except fast.
  • Throw yourself into some speed play while wearing the Hyperion Max.
Hyperion Max

So how do you feel about yourself? Do you have what it takes to become a speed demon? Or perhaps a lesser speed ghoul? Whatever your speed goals, we have the shoes to help you find your best run. 

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