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Running Tips

Run Visible with November Project

Runners lit up at night in Run Visible gear
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Some dance in the dark. We like to run in it.

Run without the sun

Plenty of runners lace up when the lights are out. Maybe you like to wind down with an evening run. Or maybe time is tight while the sun is up.

You can have fun no matter when you run. But if the daylight runs out before you do, take precautions to stay safe and seen — like choosing gear designed for the dark.

Our Run Visible Collection features products with high-contrast colors and reflectivity to help drivers recognize you in low- or no-light conditions.

Two runners stretching int he dark

Tips from November Project

While putting on your brights is a great tip for night running, safety goes beyond your gear.

Our friends at November Project are familiar with the challenges of working out in the dark.

As an organization focused on community-building through free group workouts, November Project encourages people to “just show up” and put in the work — often, their workouts call on participants to show up before dawn.

So we asked for the rundown on training in the dark. Check out this advice on staying safe and motivated, courtesy of NP organizers around the country.

Why do you work out before sunrise or after sunset?

  • “I love starting my day with exercise. It wakes me up and gets my mind and body ready to be productive. I also love the morning time vibe. Usually there aren’t many people out, the sun is rising, and the light is just beautiful.” – Tony DiPasquale @novemberprojectsf
  • "I’m more awake and ready to take on a workout after the workday. Gives me some ‘me’ time to look forward to.” – Krysten Moore @novemberprojectpvd
  • “I really cherish that time in the morning where it’s just you and your thoughts. It’s a time where I can hit stop on life and just focus on running. Few people are out on the trail so it gives me an opportunity to focus on the task at hand but also just live in the moment as the sun comes up.” – Freddy Perez @novemberprojectdenver

I feel the safest while training when I know that I am visible to other people around me, and that someone knows where I am and when I will be back."

E Rolf Pleiss @novemberprojectmsp

What helps you feel safe while training? What precautions do you take?

  • “Knowing where I am and where I'm going. Having others with me.” – Tony DiPasquale @novemberprojectsf
  • “I don’t wear headphones, or if I do, I usually keep only one ear in, or put them on transparent sound so I can hear my surroundings.” – Kaitlyn Kooyers @novemberprojectchicago
  • “I feel the safest while training when I know that I'm visible to other people around me, and that someone knows where I am and when I will be back.” – E Rolf Pleiss @novemberprojectmsp

Do you change your location or route based on the time of day that you’re training?

  • “Yes, I do. I try not to explore new routes at night.” – Krysten Moore @novemberprojectpvd
  • “Yes! Seems counterintuitive, but I run along busier streets when it’s dark out so that I’m more likely to encounter people if I need help. I also run on popular and well-lit running routes.” – Kaitlyn Kooyers @novemberprojectchicago 

Do you carry any tech with you on the run?

  • “I wear a light vest and always bring my phone with me.” – Emily Guth @novemberprojectnyc
  • “I always wear a headlamp if I'll be running when it is dark, so that I can see, and so that others can see me.” – E Rolf Pleiss @novemberprojectmsp
Two runners out in the early morning

Run with November Project

Can’t get enough November Project? Same! Check them out at the links below for more information. While COVID-19 means it’s still unsafe to work out in big groups, many NP chapters are hosting virtual training sessions. Sign up to join in.

Learn about Brooks & November Project’s partnership

See what November Project is up to

Shop Brooks Run Visible Collection

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Two runners on a run at night