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Running Tips

Run Visible with November Project

 Three runners cross a road at night, all wearing Run Visible gear.

Some dance in the dark. We like to run in it.

Run without the sun

Plenty of runners lace up when the lights are out. Maybe you like to wind down with an evening run. Or maybe time is tight while the sun is up.

You can have fun no matter when you run. But if the daylight runs out before you do, take precautions to stay safe and seen — like choosing gear designed for the dark.

Our Run Visible Collection features products with high-contrast colors and reflectivity to help drivers recognize you in low- or no-light conditions.

Two runners wearing high-visibility tights and jackets train in the dark.

Tips from November Project

While putting on your brights is a great tip for night running, safety goes beyond your gear.

Our friends at November Project are familiar with the challenges of working out in the dark.

As an organization focused on community-building through free group workouts, November Project encourages people to “just show up” and put in the work — often, their workouts call on participants to show up before dawn.

So we asked for the rundown on training in the dark. Check out this advice on staying safe and motivated, courtesy of NP organizers around the country.

Why do you work out before sunrise or after sunset?

  • “I loved to kickstart my day with an early morning run or workout. By the time you sit down at work, you feel like you’ve had an entire adventure while everyone else was sleeping — and then you have your whole evening free.” – Rebecca Barr @novemberprojectoakland
  • “I like workouts at night because while the rest of the world unwinds in front of the TV, or playing video games or reading a book, I get to put in the kind of work that makes my body stronger and unwinds my mind and soul.” – Steven Blais @novemberprojectpvd

Stay aware of surroundings and have a regular route. I run against traffic so I can see the cars coming and step up on sidewalks when possible.”

Ridley Chen @novemberprojectmal

What helps you feel safe while training? What precautions do you take?

  • “I never wear headphones when working out in the dark, and I always assume a driver doesn’t see me unless we make eye contact.” – Yoshi Saka @novemberprojectgr
  • “I only work out with a friend, never alone. I bring a whistle and my phone, and I tell my husband where we’re going and when we’ll be back.” – Megan Hunter @novemberprojectywg
  • “Stay aware of surroundings and have a regular route. I run against traffic so I can see the cars coming and step up on sidewalks where possible.” – Ridley Chen @novemberprojectmal

Do you change your location or route based on the time of day that you’re training?

  • “I’ll change the route to less neighborhoods and more main streets because of increased lighting and increased likelihood of lots of people.” – Tonia Salas Buise @novemberprojectneworleans
  • “Unless I am running with friends, I won’t run on unfamiliar trails in the dark. I save new trails for daytime.” – Jackie Knoll @novemberprojectphx

Do you carry any tech with you on the run?

  • “I would never drive my car with no lights. Same should go for running in the dark.” – Ketill Helgason @novemberprojectreykjavik
  • “I bring a headlamp and Swiss army knife and stay hyper-vigilant for cars, bikes, people, animals, etc.” – Kevin Rankin @novemberprojectnewyork
A woman puts on her Carbonite Jacket at dusk.

Run with November Project

Can’t get enough November Project? Same! Check them out at the links below for more information. While COVID-19 means it’s still unsafe to work out in big groups, many NP chapters are hosting virtual training sessions. Sign up to join in.

Learn about Brooks & November Project’s partnership

See what November Project is up to

Shop Brooks Run Visible Collection

A man and woman run together in low-light evening conditions.