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Gear and Technology

What are the best Brooks shoes for planter fasciitis?

Pair of Adrenaline GTS 21s

We find shoes with a higher drop from heel to toe and a good cushion to take the impact away.

What Experience style should I look at?

Check out the Cushion Experience Road styles! Cushion Road shoes deliver super softness feel and take the impact away with every step. Styles include Trace, Ghost, Glycerin, Dyad, Adrenaline GTS, Glycerin GTS, Addiction, Beast, and Ariel.

What support style do I need?

All of our shoes have the same arch heigh and arch support. Our inventory is split into Neutral and Support styles. Neutral styles are ideal for those that have more of an even to supinated stride as you run or walk. If you tend to have some calcaneal deviation in your stride, we recommend our Support styles. If you need support directly under your arch, we recommend an insole. Our shoes come with a replaceable sock liner, which you can take out and insert your own insole.

More questions about gear? Ask a Guru!

Not sure what shoe is right for you? Try our Shoe Finder or try a running store to try on a pair of Brooks in person.