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Des Linden

Des Linden returns to the Boston Marathon after her 2018 victory. This year, she’s coming off a 50K world record set in 2020, and has grit to spare.

Des Linden running
Save the date!

Des Linden runs the Boston Marathon on October 11.

Want to run like Des? Check out our Guru-led guide to Boston and more tips for race day.

Des boasts an impressive rap sheet including two Olympic teams, a 2018 Boston Marathon victory, and the women's 50K world record set in 2020, where she shattered the existing record by eight minutes - but breaking barriers is what Des does best.

Des' go-to gear

Yes, you can dress like the pros. Here are a few of Des' favorite pieces for when the weather gets rough.

Des Liden with dog

Lightning Round

What gets you out the door on tough days?

I think about my goals. The only way to get there is to put in the work - no excuses.

"The run is a chance to clear my mind, work through problems, be creative, think about everything or think about nothing. I need the run to get in the right head space for my day."

Get to know Des

Learn more about the Boston champion in this on-the-run conversation (0:30)

In her own words

Like dogs? Love music? Des' social media is filled with both, making us happy on a daily basis.

Des Liden with dog cartoon

Des-inspired coloring pages for post-run R&R.

slow down sign
Need for speed

Celebrate Des’ speedy running with this coloring page.

bottle of bourbon cartoon
Run Happy hour

Nothing like a post-run treat to motivate your miles. Print this page and pour yourself a drink.

Illustration of Des Linden with speech bubble asking her dog “Time for a run, Boston?”
Meet Boston.

Yeah, Des’ dog is named Boston. That’s dedication. Any run is better with a four-legged friend. Especially when you’re training for a marathon.

keep showing up sign
No umbrellas here

Commemorate Des’ spectacular (and soggy) 2018 Boston Marathon win with some bright colors.


Want to find out which shoe propelled Des to victory in 2018?

Boston Marathon 2018 winner shoe