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Brooks pro runner David Ribich leads the pack during an outdoor track race.

Brooks Beasts Track Club

David Ribich

Despite receiving zero college scholarship offers leaving high school, David went on to set the DII 1,500m record and win multiple NCAA Championships for Western Oregon University. As a pro he's continued to PR and was the lead relay leg for the Beasts 4 x 1 Mile indoor World Record. And he’s still just getting started.

Lightning round

  • Health, happiness and peace of mind. Whether I am a competitive athlete or not, running will be a part of my life forever.

  • Short shorts, shoes and sunscreen. The three S's that make Success for summer running on vacation.

  • If it’s hard to go out the door, I think about the ten other American milers I want to beat, and remember that they would walk out the door.


“Running for me is a collective experience that involves everyone from my life. When I was growing into the sport I was surrounded by coaches, friends, family, and community who encouraged me to pursue this life I now live.”

In his own words

Podcast host, author, and miler. Get a look at David’s life as a pro runner.

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