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Forty years of biomechanical research and hundreds of in-depth conversations with runners led us to a new era of bras. Meet the run bra.

Dare Collection

Meet the Dare Bras

The Dare Collection, made with built-in molded cups, holds you in to deliver motion reduction and comfort. With a seamless design, Dare eliminates distractions like chafing and digging.

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  • We partnered with the University of Portsmouth to conduct biomechanical testing to understand why traditional bras don’t stand up to the toughest runs, then we talked to hundreds of runners.

  • Without a supportive bra, women lose 4 cm with every stride, over 1 mile over the course of a marathon. Our solve? Run-ready support that delivers motion reduction and comfort.

  • Seamless support, comfortable compression, breathability, and molded cups in our new run bras allows you to forget about your bra and focus on your run.

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