A cartoon person driving a GTS 20 like a hover car; above the shoe it reads 'The 20 Year Drop'

Welcome to the 20 Year Drop

To celebrate 20 years of the Adrenaline GTS, we invited runners to share why they've loved the Adrenaline GTS for the last 20 years or what will keep them running happy for the next 20 years.

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Header : Forty lucky runners will win the 20 Year Drop
Body : Now, let’s talk prizes. Forty lucky runners who reply to one of the prompts above will win the 20 Year Drop. That means, every year, for the next 20 years, when a new pair of Adrenaline GTS drops you’ll get them for free. Score.
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Header : Top 10 runners will also win a trip to Brooks’ HQ in Seattle
Body : We’re selecting the top 10 stories and treating those runners to a trip to Seattle. There, the winners will attend an exclusive event where they’ll meet and work with our head of design to help us create the shoe of the future so that we can keep runners running for another 20 years to come.

A runner mid-stride in red Adrenaline GTS 20s
A cartoon map with running dogs, a medal and beer drawn on different locations ; phrases like 'beat my PR' and 'Run Happy' are drawn on certain roads
A cartoon Brooks shoe under a microscope
run happy

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Body : Please find the official rules and regulations below. Questions? Contact Support.
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