Blue and white candy cane drawing with legs on top of white and red gift boxes and blue gift boxes on a light blue background.

Gift ideas for every kind of runner

Runners are pretty particular with their gear. Luckily, we’ve compiled gift ideas for every runner. Whether it’s the hottest new gear or little things that make a big difference, we’ve got you covered.

The black and white Carbonite jacket, the Hyperion Tempo with teal midsole, the black and white Levitate 4, and white and teal Glycerin 18 laid down on a white wooden floor with blue and white snow drawings.
Male runner with long blonde hair tied back is wearing the maroon Fusion Jacket outdoors by water and trees with white drawings of pine trees.
Female runner wearing a red Dare Crossback Run Bra and black Chaser short is sitting down outside by trees and holding a water bottle.
Black, white, and gray Ghost midweight socks, black and green Carbonite gloves, maroon Sherpa hat, black Cascadia Thermal mitten, and Notch Thermal Beanie laid down on a white wooden floor with snow drawings.
Female with black hair and wearing black and red winter apparel and black winter gloves holds out a white drawing of a gift card with the Brooks Running logo.
run happy

Find gear at your local elf workshop

Three rolls of blue holiday wrapping paper on a blue background.

Your new favorite shoes are coming to town

Holiday present wrapped in blue gift wrapping paper and blue ribbon on a blue background.