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Two runners outside on a boardwalk

Hot weather. Cool gear.

Gear up for summer running

Tanks, shorts, and lightweight layers are key to staying cool when temperatures rise. Check out all our favorite pieces for sunny miles.

A woman on a run in a Brooks sports bra

Tips & advice

How to start — or restart — your run.

Wondering what you need to know to start running? Trying to get back to it after a long break? We got you.

Colorful running shoes
Shop bestselling shoes

The numbers don’t lie. See the styles our runners love most.

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Go beyond the gear
Discover all
  • Runners on a track
    Back on track

    Brooks elite athletes are ready for the Eugene Trials.

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  • An illustrated running shoe
    Find the right shoe for your stride

    Not sure where to start when shopping for running shoes? Let us help.

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  • Mikah running outside on a sunny day
    Celebrate Pride with Mikah Meyers

    We caught up with Mikah Meyers to learn about his run across the state of Mississippi in support of LGBTQ+ communities.

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  • Let’s talk running

    Be the first to know about new gear, special collections, and other cool projects we’re working on at Brooks

    Run Happy
  • Illustrated clouds
    An illustrated piggy bank with legs
    Natasha just won $100k to fund an idea she had while running.

    Runfulness is a state of mind you get into on a run that allows you to unlock big ideas. We asked the community to submit those ideas, and now we’re ready to introduce our grand prize winner.

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A line of illustrated runners