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Designs that stand out a mile away

To help put the fun back in running, we release limited-edition gear that can really make you stand out at the starting line. These items move fast, so sign up to be among the first to hear about our latest offerings.

Brooks shoes lined up with ice cream cones
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An illustrated shoe box

Check out some of our greatest hits

Green and red Brooks shoes lined up
A green shoe with red laces from above

Run Merry 2020

Yellow, purple, pink and green shoes lined up

Splash Pack 2020

Shoes with a tropical pattern
Shoes with a multicolored tropical pattern

Tropical Collection 2020

Runners in American flag shoes

Run USA 2019

A green shoe with shamrocks and a gold sole
A green shoe with shamrocks from above

Run Lucky 2019

A blue shoe with a lobster pattern

Boston 2017

A blue shoe with a Union Jack pattern
A blue shoe with a Union Jack pattern

London Launch 4 2017

There’s more than one path to the perfect shoe