True Blue Guarantee

90-day trial

Take your Brooks gear for a 90-day trial run. Put it through its paces and sweat in it as much as you want. If you are not 100% satisfied, return it to us for free. Check below for how to return your product.

Never used?

If your gear is unworn and still in original packaging, you have 365 days—a full year!—to return it to us. Check below for how to return your product.

Free return shipping

Brooks offers free return shipping on returns of items purchased on and shipped to U.S. addresses (including U.S. territories and APO/FPO addresses).


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Other questions or issues?

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Other things you should know!

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We stand behind our products and we want to make sure you have what you need to Run Happy!

Did you know Running Shoes have a life expectancy of 300 to 500 miles, or three to six months? Our PureProject shoes, with their lightweight materials, last from 250 to 300 miles. Sports bras also have a life expectancy of about 12 months. Bearing this in mind, if you believe your product is not performing due to a defect, please submit a Defective Product Claim and a Customer Service Rep will help you out!

Buy it from one of our Retail Partners?

If you bought your Brooks product from another retailer, contact them first about exchanging the product. If they’re not able to help, just call, email, or chat with us so we can work out a solution!

Return Window

If you buy gear from us today, you have until to wear it all you want and still return it if you don’t love it. If you buy gear but never wear it, you have until to return it.