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Title: our feet rise and fall together.

2018 Special Olympics USA Games

At Brooks, we believe in the transformative power of the run. Not only does sport improve the lives of Special Olympics USA Games competitors, but ours too. It provides a path towards strength, self-confidence and happiness. And it forges a special bond between athletes. For that, we celebrate all the places running takes us.

Andy and Colleen taking a break from running at the track.
Brooks and the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games The Power of the Run (1:30)


Colleen and Andy

Brooks believes in supporting runners who compete at the highest level. From the 800m run to ultramarathons, we champion individuals who push themselves to be their best and also bring out the best in others.

As part of the commitment, we are proud to announce that Brooks is sponsoring two runners competing at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games. Colleen Bryant and Andy Bryant (no relation) will represent Brooks and Team Washington at the USA Games. Highly accomplished runners in the Seattle area, Colleen and Andy also embody the positive, joyful approach to running that Brooks values. Stay tuned for more of their stories in the coming months.

Colleen and Andy running with a group of runners at the track.
An athlete finishing a race.