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Men’s Running Gear

From shorts to tops, warm-ups to race-day kit, we're ready to outfit your run from head to toe with essential running gear.

42 products
42 products

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  • From unseen to unstoppable.

  • Colours to match your energy

    The Chromatic Pack is back with a brilliant gradient of colors that will motivate you to move. New hues for your heels available in the Levitate StealthFit 5.

  • Hill yeah

    No matter how rocky the trail gets, we have the gear to keep you rolling. Our trail collection has options for any style of all-terrain running.

Running wear for men

From simple accessories like socks and hats to high-tech running gear that wicks sweat and keeps you cool, you'll find everything you need for your workout or race bag in this selection of running gear for men.

Running clothes for men: from top to bottom

Looking for men's running gear? Start with a running top that fits your mood, style and the weather. A Distance Graphic long sleeve running shirt lets you show off some personality on the course or in the gym, and solid Distance long sleeve shirts are ideal for layering under a vest or jacket during cold runs. For warmer days, cut down on the bulk by slipping into a Distance tank or a short sleeve running shirt.

Pair your top of choice with bottoms to create men's running outfits that work for you. Sherpa split shorts offer freedom of movement while Source tights provide full coverage and added warmth for winter runs. You'll find everything in between when you browse this selection of running clothes for men.

Accessorise your run

Don't forget to add the right accessories to your running outfit. A hat or visor helps keep hair out of your eyes and the sun off your face, and the right athletic socks can wick sweat and amp up the cushion on your feet. Whether you're looking for workout clothes for men or training gear for the big race, this selection has you covered.

No matter if you're looking for weather-proof running wear, men's running attire, accessories or stylish running clothes for men, you're sure to find what you need in our collection.

If you love our men’s running attire range, but are looking for something more specific, check out our men’s running shirts collection, as well as our men’s running bottoms; We also offer a broader, men’s running outerwear collection for when it gets chilly.