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Side view of a man and a woman crossing a street at night while wearing the Run Visible collection

Run Visible Collection

From unseen to

Be recognised as a runner by a moving vehicle from 600 feet away in the Brooks Run Visible Collection.

The Run Visible apparel collection
Visibility in all weather

From dawn to dusk, cold weather or warm, the Run Visible collection has you covered.

Illustration of a person being seen by a car
Get ready to Run Visible

Our Run Visible collection helps you to stay safe and seen, even when you're running in the dark. But how does it work? Check out the science behind it.

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A piece of the NYC collection on top of New York City

The NYC collection

Speed up your sightseeing

The Run NYC Collection is back and inspired by the world’s most famous skyline. Featuring the smooth and soft Ghost 14 with DNA LOFT, this shoe will move you to hit the city streets and see the sights.

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    A woman running in the mountains
    A woman and a man running in the mountains
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    Learn more about our commitment to making the world a better place to run.

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Running illustrations