Trail running shoes

Nature is great for the sole

Get out and explore with trail running shoes that provide you the protection, traction and durability to handle whatever terrain or weather Mother Nature throws at you.

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Header : Find your perfect trail shoe
Body : Trail running shoes are designed with more traction and stability in the outsole and midsole to handle uneven terrain. They provide protection and durability in high-abrasion zones where rocks, sticks and other obstacles may be in your path.

Find a secure fit

A proper and secure fit is key to keeping out the elements - like water, dirt and debris while allowing breathability and comfort that keeps you on the move.

Look for a shoe with traction

As they dig and grip, a sticky rubber outsole and high surface-area lugs can provide confidence that you’ll stay on the trail – both uphill and downhill.

Brooks Cascadia 14 GTX

Go the distance with a cushioned midsole

A stable and steady stride are possible over long distances of uneven terrain with the right responsive midsole.

Not sure what trail shoe is right for you?

Try our Shoe Finder. We use the best running science to date to find the best shoe for your workout and needs.