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Gear and Technology

Reflective running gear for the Rudolph Runner

A man and woman in Brooks Run Visible reflective gear run at night.
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They love to run in early morning or at night, and we have gift ideas to keep their strides merry and bright.

Brighten up your run

A Rudolph Runner loves to get out under cover of darkness. Whether it’s early morning or after the sun sets, they tend to prefer the quiet solitude they can’t quite get during the daylight hours.

A man and woman in Brooks Run Visible reflective gear run at night.
A close-up of a man zipping up a Brooks Run Visible half-zip long-sleeve shirt.

Gifts for the Rudolph Runner

Whatever your reason for running in the dark, rest easy — we won’t laugh and call you names. We will, however, offer up some suggestions to make sure your in-the-dark run is lit (and safe).

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A styled grouping of Run Visible gear, including clockwise from top, Men's Carbonite Jacket (black and white with reflective strips), Men's Carbonite Short-Sleeve (white with reflective strips), Men's Carbonite 7" 2-in-1 Short (black with reflective strips), Unisex Carbonite Glove (black and white with reflective strips), Men's Carbonite Tight (black and white with reflective strips)

Check out these selections for the Rudolph Runner in your life:

  • Men’s Carbonite Jacket
  • Women’s Carbonite 7/8 Tight
  • Women’s Carbonite 4" 2-in-1 short

For more gift ideas for in-the-dark runners, explore our Run Visible collection.

Tips for running in the dark

If you’re running in the dark, it’s important to stay safe and seen. Here are some suggestions:

Ditch the headphones.

Headphones are great for drowning out noise, but that can be unsafe if you’re running in the dark. It’s best to have your hearing at peak performance if visibility is going to be an issue.

Stay on a familiar route.

Jessica Chambers, Brooks Northern California/Reno Guru, prefers to run in the dark but stresses knowing your route. “Running at night is so peaceful. It's the perfect way to end my day, but it's important to pick a path I'm familiar with. I'll always run the path during the day at least once to get the lay of the land.”

Close-up of a runner putting on Brooks Run Visible Carbonite Gloves

Be seen.

Wearing a headlamp or using gear that keeps you visible is an essential part of running in the dark. While you may be able to see cars, bicyclists, or other moving dangers, they probably can’t see you if you’re running without some sort of light source.

Bring a buddy.

Running with a friend might be tricky during COVID-19, but staying two metres apart and being outdoors mitigates risk. Using the buddy system while running in the dark is much safer than going alone. At the very least, bring Fido along if you’re lucky enough to have a pup that enjoys the run.

For more tips on running in the dark, read the Run Visible with the November Project article.

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