Glycerin: cushioned running shoes

Find your nitro-softness in the Glycerin 20. A midsole infused with nitrogen bubbles creates a lighter-weight shoe with more plush cushioning than ever before.

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9 products

Glycerin Road-Running Shoes

The best running shoes make sure your feet keep up with your running ambitions. Find the most comfortable running shoes made for how you race — with support to help you reach each mile marker. The Glycerin shoe collection is road-running shoes designed to keep that fresh-footed feeling as you pound the pavement.

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This one's for the long roads ahead, with road-running shoes made for all-around comfort. The Glycerin collection men's and women's running shoes are designed with super-soft DNA LOFT cushioning that adapts to your stride. We're talking super-soft never-want-take-them-off cushioning.

Built-in stability support keeps you grounded, and a plush interior softens every step. Even as your take routine runs, you're giving your feet a little TLC. Plus, a flexible mesh design makes it easier to find men's and women's running shoes in your fit. The ultra-comfy Glycerin shoe collection is relief your feet will thank you for.