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A woman on a run outside

Runner stories

How your miles help your mind

Runners Chris Malenab, Allie Buchalski, and David Ribich share their mental health journeys to support Mental Health Awareness Month.

Runner stories

Artfully crafting the Run Proud Collection

Brooks teamed up with artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon for our new Run Proud Collection and more.

4 min. read


Ready, set, read the inspiring story of our brand.

CEO Jim Weber’s new book celebrates Brooks’ inspiring purpose and why we believe a run can change a day, a life, the world.

12 min. read

Runner stories

Trail running in Patagonia

Professional adventurer and avid trail runner Andy Cochrane shares his words and photos from a recent 7-day, 120-kilometer running trip over prime South American trails.

9 min. read

Strength training

How does running build muscle?

So what's actually going on here? Does running build muscle?

3 min. read


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