Cruise over rocks, roots, and rolling terrain in men’s trail-running shoes designed to keep up on off-road adventures.

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17 Trail-running shoes

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17 Trail-running shoes

Men's trail running shoes

Get off the beaten path with your training sessions, and enjoy the sights and sounds of woods, fields, and other areas. Men's trail-running shoes help stabilize your gait as you traverse uneven paths. Look for options that include adaptable grip and plenty of cushiony comfort to shield you from the rigours of running off-pavement.

All-terrain shoes for men hold up to adventure

Trailing running can be an exciting way to get your cardio, or even train for other types of races. It lets you explore scenic byways, and may let you break away from the pack that regularly runs at local parks or around the neighbourhood.

Equip yourself with men's trail-running shoes that protect your feet and ankles while boosting your performance across all types of terrain.

The Caldera 6 from Brooks has large grooves on the outsole and plenty of cushioning inside, to ensure all-over adaptation to the trail, and the TrailTack sticky rubber helps keep you going over wet or dry landscapes. Other men's trail-running shoes to consider include the Catamount 2, Divide 4, and Cascadia 17.

Check out this lineup of shoes for running across all terrain, and remember to keep other elements in mind. Choose thick, waterproof shoes for winter runs, and lightweight, breathable sneakers for trail-running in warmer weather.