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From our lab

Since 1914, we’ve been driven by our relentless curiosity about how humans move. Our engineers study the motion path from foot to knee to hip, for in-depth understanding of body mechanics. We use everything we learn in our research to help keep you moving faster, longer, and healthier.

To what moves you

For us, movement is the key to feeling more alive. So, whether you’re heading to a finish line, a fresh perspective, or a feeling — let's run there. Here’s how we put our philosophy in motion.

Run research lab
Run Research Lab

Our scientists partner with researchers around the world to study how the body moves when you run, from upper body rotation down to ankle movement. Then we take that hard-won knowledge and put it at the centre of our gear design.

Footwear technology
Footwear technology

Learn what ground-breaking shoes are made of—from heel to toe.

Runners on a trail
Run Signature

See how we help tap into your body’s natural potential for a more efficient run.

Blueprint of a running shoe
BlueLine Lab

Check out the lab where we take “What-ifs” and make them reality.

Wear testing

We interview thousands of runners to find out what they want and need. Other runners push our gear to the limit over hundreds of miles, offering crucial insights along the way. Because after all, the final test is whether it makes you happy.

Runners near a beach

Brooks running innovators


Director, Run Research Lab


Manager, Run Performance


Director, North American Footwear

Happy runners in front of Brooks sign
Our Guarantee

Take our gear for a 90-day test run. If you don’t love it, return it free.


Earth is home. We pledge to protect the planet where millions of fellow Earthlings run every day.